Austin Lifestyle

Austin is nestled among the rolling hills and lakes of Central Texas, the seat of state government, an educational Mecca with several area universities and an entertainment complex that includes the best of live music, the arts and all the fun of the great outdoors.


Arts and Entertainment
Austin has its own professional symphony, ballet and opera companies, dozens of theaters, dance companies, vocal ensembles, and orchestras producing events year-round. Art museums, galleries galore and beautiful gardens replete with sculptures.

Austin's weather has attracted so many to this attractive part of Texas, where the skies are always blue, the breeze is always fresh and cool, and the sun beams prettily from on high.
OK, it can get hot and humid in the summer with our tropical climate, but Central Texas is renowned for the maxim: "Don't like the weather? Just wait ten minutes!"

Cost of Living
If you're planning to relocate to Austin, you'll want to know how far your paycheck will stretch once you're here. Costs in Austin go lightly on the bottom line.

With its many area universities and colleges, its award-winning public and private schools and its penchant for churning out some of the smartest people on the planet, Austin might seem a little daunting when it comes to figuring out where you or your children are going to fit into this buzzing hive of learning

Austin's expanding health care system now rivals that of any major metropolitan area. Besides a number of major hospitals and one children's hospital, there are numerous out-patient clinics, emergency medical facilities and all manner of awareness programs.

Austin offers something for everyone, boasting a diverse range of neighborhoods within and around the city limits. Newcomers can locate housing options near every employment center in the Austin area. For a more complete list see the Chamber's Newcomer Guide.

There is no excuse for sitting home bored in Austin. Opportunities for recreation abound.

Quick Facts
Frequently asked questions about living and working in Austin.

Spectator Sports
Many Austinites enjoy playing a variety of sports, but others like to watch. The area has numerous opportunities to join the crowds as a spector of exciting local sporting events.